Nils Jacob Palmborg - Rod Maker

I am Jacob, a Swedish fly fisherman and part time rod maker based in Emeryville, CA.

In my career as an industrial designer, I seek to find a seamless bond between functionality and beauty in an effort to make quality products that lasts and have real meaning to users around the world. I apply the same principles to my rod making where each detail is carefully considered and executed to meet the needs of a fellow angler.

My love for fly fishing goes back to a childhood where I spent endless days fly fishing for trout, pike and other lake species in my Swedish home waters. After moving to New York City roughly 10 years ago, I suddenly found myself far away from those beloved lakes and trout streams.  As fate would have it, I soon discovered the Catskills and a thriving fly fishing community only a few hours away from the city.  A land blessed with storied waters and fabled pools. It was this region that first introduced me to the magic of cane rods and their spell binding effect on fly fishermen, myself included. 

Now after nearly a decade in Brooklyn and countless days on fabled Catskill streams life has brought me out to northern California in late 2015. These new surroundings with spectacular fishing and rich rod making history will continue to inspire me in my pursuit to introduce a new generation of fly fishermen to the performance and joy of fishing bamboo fly rods.